Support Services

We’ve been helping businesses like yours for over 30 years

Providing customized virtual support to companies of all sizes, from sole proprietors to multinational corporations, across a broad array of industries: transportation, publishing, law, health care, energy, and finance.

Turn your spoken word into money. Ask us how! Our clients use their transcripts for many purposes. Their presentations are often used to repurpose their presentation:

  • ebooks
  • reports
  • training sessions
  • checklists
  • podcasts
  • blogs

If your presentation is over several days, have you considered having your Q&A transcribed and handed out to participants at the end of the day?


Hearings, interviews, conference calls, recorded statements, focus groups, podcasts, and webcasts. Rather have a gently cleaned (or dramatically cleaned) version? We will gladly edit it for you, so you have a clean transcript.

Railroad Hearings

We maintain current General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR) on file. We also understand adherence to deadlines is critical. We pride ourselves on meeting railroad arbitration and disciplinary hearing deadlines.