Why Choose Pros and Commas

We will strive to gain your confidence and exceed your expectations.

Pros & Commas takes the spoken word and converts it to written text. All transcription companies do that, don’t they? However, we will take your spoken word and give you a verbatim transcript so you can see how you sound and edit it to improve your next presentation.

Would you rather have a gently cleaned (or dramatically cleaned) version? We will gladly edit it for you, so you have a clean transcript. We research for correct spellings of names and locations. The final step is your transcript will be proofed against audio by a second person to ensure accuracy. And most importantly, your deadline will be met!

We’re best equipped for the project

We are familiar with distinct terminologies of many industries, so even if the audio is not of the highest quality, in most cases we are able to determine what is being said in context. If there is a question, we will consult with you. Accuracy is of utmost importance.

We take proofreading to the next level

Completed transcription is forwarded to a proofreader who will review it again using the original audio. This type of second proofing is unique within the transcription industry and allows us to return your work with confidence we will receive your highest approval.

We are flexible

Some of our clients experience intermittent staff shortfalls. They send us projects that cannot be completed by their current resources as needed. We are delighted to accept these projects and fill in the gaps.

However, most of our clients have come to use our services on a long-term basis. They find it more efficient to depend upon our expertise and expanded resource base than to attempt to fill the need with full-time employees. The result: HAPPY CLIENTS.

It’s easy to work with us

You can upload files using our secure service on our SUBMIT FILES page.

When you call or contact us with a new assignment, or to discuss current jobs, you will speak with one person: Donnette Cowgill. We have found this promotes development of rapport and allows us to better understand your business and any specialized requirements.


Donnette’s work has always been extremely accurate with a very quick turnaround time. She will always work with you to accommodate your needs and timelines.

W. M. McInnes, Diamond Signal Services

Photo of D. Mark Schumann

If you need a thorough, accurate and timely transcript, of any recording, ask Donnette. She is reliable, responsive and remarkably accurate in her work.

D. Mark Schumann, IABC Fellow, Certified Executive Coach