Why Us

  • We’re best equipped for the job – We are familiar with distinct terminologies of many industries, so even if the audio is not of the highest quality, in most cases we are able to determine what is being said in context. If there is a question, we will consult with you. Accuracy is of utmost importance.
  • We take proofing to the next level – Completed work is forwarded to a proofer who will review it again using the original audio. This type of second proofing is unique within the transcription industry and allows us to return your work with confidence that we will receive your highest approval.
  • We are flexible – Some of our clients experience intermittent staff shortfalls. They send us projects that cannot be completed by their current resources as needed. We are delighted to accept these projects and fill in the gaps. However, most of our clients have come to use our services on a long-term basis. They find it more efficient to depend upon our expertise and expanded resource base than to attempt to fill the need with full-time employees. The result: HAPPY CLIENTS. Check out what some of them have to say.